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Chapter 3: Gender and Health

Sex and gender roles: what is the difference?
Gender boxes
What if there were no gender boxes?
A day in the life
The way we were
The balance of burdens
The dominoes game
How to make an "I" statement
Image theater
Changing the rules
Reaching your dreams
The world of ads — sexy women and manly men

Chapter 4: Sexuality and Sexual Health

Reproductive aprons
Find yourself in the spectrum
Sexy bingo
Where do we feel pleasure?
What is sex for a man? What is sex for a woman?
Changing stories, changing lives
Practice talking about sex with a partner
Want, Willing and Won't: Exploring our desires and boundaries

Chapter 5: Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Secret questions
Handshake game
An STI drama
An STI board game
Playing with condoms
A treasure hunt to find resources for community STI prevention

Chapter 6: Ending Gender-based Violence

Role play: Gender-based violence affects everyone
Pass the cabbage
Explore the causes of gender-based violence
"Happy ending" role plays to think about change
More powerful vs. less powerful
The power shuffle
Role play the bystander
Group investigation about roles and duties of local authorities

Chapter 7: Protecting Women's Health with Family Planning

Use drawings to discuss benefits of family planning
Story game: A tale of 2 families
Practice talking about birth control
A fishbowl to help youth and adults talk about birth control
Crossing the river to health
A family planning board game
A Problem Tree to discuss obstacles to family planning
A yarn toss to brainstorm solutions
Role play a panel discussion on family planning

Chapter 8: Healthy Pregnancies and Safe Births

Build a house for healthy pregnancy
A map to safe motherhood
"But why?" game
Building a chain of causes
Voting with dots
Role play why pregnant women do not get care
A fishbowl about birth experiences
Head, heart, hands
A guessing game with skits: it's an emergency!

Chapter 9: Preventing Deaths from Unsafe Abortion

A walk in her shoes
A Problem Tree to discuss unintended pregnancy
Many points of view!
A board game about safe abortion
Taking a stand
Saying no to blaming and shaming
Replay drama: Saving lives after an abortion

Chapter 10: Building a Women's Health Movement

What would women's ideal health services be like?
Make a power map
Make an opinion map
Making advocacy messages that work

Appendix C: Activities to Encourage Participation

The story behind my name
Guess my secret
Who began the movement?
The strong wind blows
Brainstorming with beans
Group appreciations