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Additional writing and editing: Aryn Faur, Todd Jailer, Jane Maxwell, Susan McCallister, Julia Nakad, Cynthia Peters, and Janey Skinner

Copy editors: Cynthia Peters and Todd Jailer

Design and production: Kathleen Tandy

Art coordination: Jane Maxwell with Kathleen Tandy

Field testing and review coordination: Jane Maxwell

Editorial oversight: Sarah Shannon

Cover photographs:
HAW fm 1.png
1. Uganda: Heidi Brady
2. India: White Ribbon Alliance
3. Bolivia: Øystein Bryhni-Sassebo, Norsk Folkehjelp/Norwegian People’s Aid
HAW fm 2.png
4. Kenya: Rehma Ta Allah Community Development Group
5. Cambodia: Stéphane Janin, courtesy of Photoshare

Proofreader: Sunah Cherwin

Cover design: Kathleen Tandy

Illustrations: We gratefully acknowledge the artists who have so gracefully illustrated this book: Namrata Bali, Sara Boore, Heidi Broner, May Florence Cadiente, Barbara Carter, Elizabeth Clark-Sutton, Andrew Crane, Regina Doyle, Sandy Frank, Jesse Hamm, Haris Ichwan, Anna Kallis, Joyce Knezevitch, Jipé Le-Bars, Susan McCallister, Lori Nadaskay, Gabriela Nuñez, Am Reaksmel, Sara Reilly-Baldeschwieler, Petra Rohr-Röuendaal, Lucy Sargeant, Mona Sfeir, Sofia Smith Hale, Chengyu Song, Kathleen Tandy, Arunadha Thakur, Dorj Tsedevdamba, Josefa Uluinaceva, Panapasa Belena Vesikula, Leah Wong, and Mary Ann Zapalac.

In addition, we thank the following publishers who gave us permission to use illustrations from their publications for no charge: International HIV/AIDS Alliance from Keep the best, change the rest: Participatory tools for working with communities on gender and sexuality; Practical Action Publishing from Where There Is No Artist: Development drawings and how to use them; South African AIDS Training Programme from Basic AIDS Counselling Guidelines; South Pacific Community Nutrition Training Project, Fiji, from Developing Community Nutrition Programmes; Stepping Stones from Pacific Regional HIV/ AIDS Project; UNDP Cambodia and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo from Talking About Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Village Facilitators.