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Self Defense for Women

Practice these self defense movements with a friend, so that you will be prepared to fight off an attacker. Hit him as hard as you can. Do not be afraid to hurt him—he is not afraid to hurt you. Also see more self defense ideas.

If you are attacked from behind
Hit him hard in the stomach with your elbow. WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-1.png
WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-3a.png Step down hard on his foot with your heel.
Reach back with your hand, grab his testicles (balls), and squeeze them hard. WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-3.png
WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-7.png With your heel, kick him hard in his lower leg or knee.
If you are attacked from the front
Dig your fingers hard into his eyes. WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-2.png
WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-4.png Make 2 fists and hit him on each side of his head, or on his ears.
Make your hands into fists and hit him as hard as you can on his nose. WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-6.png
WWHND10 Ch19 Page 332-8.png Lift your knee, and push it as hard and fast as you can into his testicles (balls).

This page was updated:17 Apr 2019