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HealthWiki > Where Women Have No Doctor > Chapter 9: Women with Disabilities > Personal Safety

Since a woman with a disability may be less able to protect herself, she is more at risk for violent attack and abuse than a woman without a disability. But there are things a woman can do to defend herself. It may help to practice some of these things with a group of women with disabilities:

  • If you are in a public place and someone tries to hurt or abuse you, shout as loudly as you can.
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self defense
  • Do something he might find disgusting, such as drooling spit (saliva), or trying to vomit, or acting as though you are ‘crazy’.

a woman leaning on a crutch while hitting a man in the leg with her other crutch

  • Use your stick, crutches or wheelchair to hit or try to hurt the person.
  • If the abusive person is someone in your family, try to talk about it with another family member you trust. It may also help to talk about it privately with a group of women with disabilities.

This page was updated:17 Apr 2019