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Getting help from adults

Talking with your mother or father can be hard sometimes. Your parents may want you to live by tradition, but you feel that times are changing. You may feel that your parents do not listen or try to understand you. Or you may be afraid they will get angry.

Your family can love you without agreeing with everything you say. They may get angry because they care — not because they do not like you. Try to talk with them respectfully and help them to understand you better.

How mothers can help their daughters

You may have grown up in a time when girls were not allowed to have an education, plan their families, or make decisions about their lives. Life can be different for your daughter. If you listen to her, share your own experiences, and give her useful information, you can help her make her own good decisions. You can help her to see the good things about being a girl and a woman.

This page was updated:01 Feb 2021