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Choosing the Best Method

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HealthWiki > Where Women Have No Doctor > Chapter 13: Family Planning > Choosing the Best Method

The best family planning method is the one you are most comfortable using. To choose the best method for you, it can be helpful to think about your day-to-day life, your relationships, concerns, needs, and desires. Whichever method you choose, it is important to understand and follow the instructions for how to use it effectively. Here are some ways to think about different methods based on your personal needs.

WWHND10 Ch13 Page 224-1.png
I want to keep having normal monthly bleeding.

You might PREFER: Barrier methods, IUD

You might AVOID: Hormonal methods

WWHND10 Ch13 Page 224-2.png
I do not want to have to do something everyday.
You might PREFER: Implants, injections, IUD You might AVOID: Combined pill, mini-pill, any natural method
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-1.png
My partner does not want to me use family planning.
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-2.png
I do not want to put things in my vagina or my womb.
You might PREFER: Injections, implants, IUD You might PREFER: Hormonal methods, male condom, natural methods
You might AVOID: Barrier methods, pills, natural methods You might AVOID: Diaphragm, female condom, IUD
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-3.png
I want to be able to have sex anytime without interruption.
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-4.png
I do not want any more children.
You might PREFER: IUD, hormonal methods You might PREFER: Sterilization, implants, injections, IUD
You might AVOID: Barrier methods, natural methods You might AVOID: Natural methods, barrier methods
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-5.png
I want to have a child within a year.
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-6.png
I think my partner has sex with others and may infect me with an STI.
You might PREFER: Any barrier method, combined pill, mini-pill, any natural method You might PREFER: Male or female condom
You might AVOID: Implants, injections, IUD, sterilization You might AVOID: Any hormonal method, any natural method, IUD, sterilization
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-7.png
I am breastfeeding my baby.
WWHND10 Ch13 Page 225-8.png
My husband does not want to be involved in using a family planning method.
You might PREFER: Male or female condom, diaphragm, implants, IUD, minipill, progestin-only injections You might PREFER: Female condom, diaphragm, any hormonal method,IUD
You might AVOID: Combined pill, monthly injections until your baby is 6 months old or your monthly bleeding returns. You might AVOID: Male condom, natural family planning

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