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Loose Tooth

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HealthWiki > Where There Is No Dentist > Chapter 7 Part 1: Problems You Will See Most Often > Loose Tooth

A tooth may be loose for one of several reasons. Decide the reason before giving the treatment.

a new permanent tooth is growing under it.
  1. Tell the mother and child what is happening.
  2. Pull out the loose baby tooth, if it is hurting the child.
gum disease or an old
abscess has eaten the
bone around its roots.
  1. Take out the tooth, especially if it hurts.
  2. Explain to the person what to do to prevent this problem in other teeth.
the root has been broken. Take out both parts of the tooth. If you have trouble taking out the broken root, leave it and try again a week later.
the bone around its root is cracked. (The bone moves when you push against the tooth.) Do not take out the tooth. If you do, the bone will come out with it. Instead, hold the tooth with wires.

A tooth may also be loose because another tooth is biting too hard against it

DENT Ch7 Page 99-1.png
  • You can feel the tooth move when the upper and lower teeth meet.
  • That tooth hurts.

You need to remove a bit of each of the teeth that are biting too hard. Use either a dental worker’s drill, a small file, or a hard stone.

DENT Ch7 Page 99-2.png
  1. Smooth the inside edge of the upper tooth.
  2. Smooth the outside edge of the lower tooth.

This page was updated:19 Feb 2018