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Chapter 5: Taking Care of Teeth and Gums

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In this chapter:

We can prevent most tooth and gum problems. This chapter gives more information about how teeth grow in and how to keep teeth and gums healthy. Share this information and you will prevent problems from starting.

But remember that people are most interested in the problems they have now. Before listening to what you know about prevention, people will want treatment for the problems that are already causing them pain and discomfort.

Early treatment is a form of prevention. It can prevent a tooth or gum problem from becoming more serious.

When you treat a person’s problem, it shows that you care about him. It also shows that you know what treatment he needs. As his confidence in you grows, he will want to learn from you about preventing tooth or gum problems.

a health worker speaking to a person who is in pain.
I have never seen this problem, but I have a friend in the city who can help. I want to go with you to learn what I can do.
In order to help a person it is important to know what the problem is and what is the best treatment. But just as important is knowing what you are not able to do, and when to seek help.
In this chapter, you will learn more about teeth, gums, and problems affecting them, but you must never be too proud to get help from more experienced dental workers.
Know your limits.

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