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Infected Sinus

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A sinus is a hollow place inside a bone. There is a sinus under the eyes, on each side of the nose. Because the sinus is very close to the roots of the top teeth, these teeth may hurt if the sinus becomes infected.

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  • Toothache in several top teeth. The teeth look healthy, but hurt when you tap them.
  • A head cold, and plugged nose. A person can only breathe through the mouth
  • Hurts when you press against the bone under the eyes.
  • Tooth feels different when patient bends over forward.
a woman with a towel over her head as she breathes steam rising from a bucket.

Do not take out any teeth.They will feel better after you treat the sinus infection.

  1. Give amoxicillin by mouth for 7 to 10 days penicillin for 5 days.
  2. Explain to the person that she should:
    • drink lots of water.
    • breathe steam from boiling water to clear her nose.
    • hold a warm wet cloth against her face, as often as possible.
    • not try to blow her nose, or else her ears will hurt. Wiping the nose is better.
  3. See the person again after 3 days, and
    • examine her teeth closely, tapping them to be sure they are strong and healthy.
    • if she is not better, get help from a more experienced health worker.

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