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Adapted activities credits

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Sex and gender roles, from Gender or sex: Who cares?, Ipas, US, 2001, http://www.ipas.org/en/Resources/Ipas%20Publications/Gender-or-sex--Who-cares-.aspx

Gender boxes, from Isofi toolkit: Tools for learning and action on gender and sexuality. For publication information, see Other Resources.

A day in the life, from Keep the best, change the rest: Participatory tools for working with communities on gender and sexuality, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Great Britain, 2007, www.aidsalliance.org/resources/316-257-keep-the-best-change-the-rest

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Want, Willing and Won’t, from How to Get the Sex You Want - 14, Sexplanations with Dr. Doe, US, 2013, youtu.be/xoYxd3E3UXU

A Treasure Hunt, from Feel! Think! Act! A guide to interactive drama for sexual and reproductive health with young people, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Great Britain, 2008, www.aidsalliance.org/resources/318-feel-think-act

More powerful vs less powerful, from Oakland Men’s Project, US, 2003, www.paulkivel.com

Group investigation about local authorities, from Talking About Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Village Facilitators, UNDP Cambodia and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, 2010

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