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It is impossible to adequately thank all the people who helped make A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities a reality. It started 10 years ago as a good idea shared by 2 women, and grew into a remarkable international collaboration between women with disabilities and their friends in more than 40 countries.

Listing a person’s name does not begin to say how much her efforts and ideas helped create this book. Every staff member, intern, and volunteer here at Hesperian also helped bring this book into the world, including those who raise funds, manage finances, publicize our materials, and pack and ship them around the world.

Along with our tireless medical editors, we called on a few reviewers over and over again, and they deserve a special mention and our sincerest thanks: Naomy Ruth Esiaba, Kathy Martinez, Gail McSweeney, Janet Price, Judith Rogers, Andrea Shettle, Ekaete Judith Umoh, and Veda Zachariah.

Many thanks to the following groups of people with disabilities who contributed so much of their hearts, time, and personal experience to help us make sure the material in this book would be useful to women with disabilities all over the world:

Afghanistan: the National Association of Women with Disabilities of Afghanistan (NAWDA)

Cambodia: the Women with Disabilities Committee of the Disability Action Council

China: MSI Professional Services

Colombia: the Colombian

Association for Disabled Peoples (ASCOPAR)

El Salvador: La Asociación Cooperativa de Grupo Independiente Pro Rehabilitación Integral (ACOGIPRI)

Fiji: the Support Group for Women with Disabilities

Finland: the Abilis Foundation, and The National Council on Disability

Republic of Georgia: the Gori Disabled Club

India: the Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, Blind People Association, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Disabled People’s International, Humane Trust, and Sanjeevini Trust

Jamaica: Combined Disabilities Association

Kenya: The Bob Segero Memorial Project, and Hope

Laos: the Lao Disabled People’s Association, and the Lao Disabled Women Development Center

Lebanon: the Arab Organization of Disabled People, and the National Association for the rights of Disabled People Lebanon (NARD)

Lesotho: the Lesotho National Federation of Organizations of Disabled

Mauritius: the Association of Women with Disability

Nepal: the Nepal Disabled Women Society, and Rural Health Education Services Trust (RHEST)

Nigeria: the Family-Centered Initiative for Challenged Persons (FACICP)

Palau: the Organization of People with Disabilities (Omekasang)

Philippines: Differently Abled Women’s Network (DAWN), Disabled People’s Internationa (DPI), and KAMPI

Russia: Perspektiva (the Regional Society of Disabled People)

South Korea: Korea Differently Abled Women United

Tanzania: The National Council for People with Disabilities

Thailand: Disabled People’s International-Asia Pacific

Trinidad/Tobago: the Tobago School for the Deaf, Speech and Language Impaired

Uganda: the Disabled Women’s Network and Resource Organisation (DWNRO), Mobility Appliances by Disabled Women Entrepreneurs (MADE), and the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

USA: Mobility International USA (MIUSA), Through the Looking Glass, Women Pushing Forward, and the World Institute on Disability (WID)

Vietnam: the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation

Yemen: the Arab Human Rights Foundation

Zimbabwe: Disabled Women Africa (DIWA), the National Council on Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe, the Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD), and Women with Disabilities Development (ZWIDE)

Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who gave so generously of their time and knowledge. Your commitment to health care for women with disabilities brought this book into the world.

Caroline Agwanda
Fatuma Akan
Firoz Ali
Janet Connatser Allem
Eric Anderson
Soc Balingit
Florence Baingana
Monica Bartley
Denise Bergez
Rosangela Berman-Bieler
Kim Best
Bimala Sharma Bhandari
Michael Blake
Cheri Blauwet
Joan Bobb-Alleyne
Claire Borkert
Tina Bregvadze
Ron Brouillette
Arlene Calinao
Cynthia Carmichael
Susan Canas
Silvia Casey
Phonesavanh Chandavong
Sivila Chanpheng
Sujith J. Chandy
Gladys Charowa
Farai Cherera
Rosemary Ciotti
Alicia Contreras
Ann Cupola Freeman
John Day
Kathryn Day
Roshni Devi
Tara Dikeman
Lori Dobeus
Pamela Dudzik
Shalini Eddens
Sana Ali El-Saadi
Jennifer Fahnbulleh
Nancy Ferreyra
Anne Finger
Lee Gallery
Monica Gandhi
Katherine Gergen
Anita Ghai
Eileen Girón Batres
Nora Groce
Heba Hagrass
Maria Harkins
Phyllis Harshaw
Sari Heifetz
Karen Heinicke- Motsch
Taija Heinonen
Susan Heller
Kevin Henderson

Judith Heumann
Rachael Holloway
Rob Horvath
Ralf Hotchkiss
Honora Hunter
Venus Ilagan
Namita Jacob
Lisa Jensen
Usha Jesudasan
Kathy Al Ju’beh
Rachel Kachaje
James G. Kahn
Wendy Kahn
Deborah Kaplan
Manali Kasbekar
Susan Kaur
Christie Keith
Jennifer Kern
Jahda Abou
K Jackie
Ndona Kingolo
Pat Kirkpatrick
Kristi L. Kirschner
Justine Kiwanuka
Mari Koistinen
Kathleen Lankasky
BA Laris
Ye Ja Lee
Anne Leitch
Cindy Lewis
Gertrude Likopo Lesoetsa
Rebecca C. Lim
Hoang Cam Linh
Sari Loijas
Lizzie Longshaw
Josephine Lyengi
Annie Malinga
Peggy Martinez
Rajaa Masabi
Melissa May
Katherine McLaughlin
Joan McNeil
Lemnis Geraldo Mendez
Ruth Miller
Linda D. Misek- Falkoff
Sruti Mohaptra
Linda Mona
Winifred Mujesia
Frank Mulcahy
Irene Busolo Mwenesi
Dorothy Musakanya
James Mwanda
Safia Nalule
Sucheta Narang
Kanika Sophak Nguon

Papa Djibril Niang
Cathy Noble
Corbett O’Toole
Deborah Ottenheimer
Judy Panko Reis
Lauri Paolinetti
Rafael Peck
Elizabeth Pearl Penumaka
KP Perkins
Minh Hang Pham
Allison Phillips
Judith Pollack
Jureeratana Pongpaew
Zohra Rajah
Barbara Ridley
Pia Rockhold
Denise Roza
Laura Ruttner
Mariana Ruybalid
Robert Sampana
Beatriz Elena Satizabal
Marsha Saxton
Estelle Schneider
Rosemary Segero
Lonny Shavelson
Maya Shaw
Julia Shelby
Caroline Signore
Meenu Sikand
Julia Simonova
Kathy Simpson
Jan Sing
Judith Smith
Florence Nayiga Ssekabira
Yvette Swan
Susan Sygall
Michael Tan
Supattraporn “Mai” Tanatikom
Carolyn Thompson
Uma Tuli
Meldah B. Tumukunde
Doralee Uchel
James Ullman
Nance Upham
Aruna Uprety
Elizabeth Valitchka
Koen Van Rompay
Jyoti Chandulal Vidhani
Zainab K. Wabede
Jessica Mak Wei-E
Ann Whitfield
Amy Wilson
Dayna Wolfe
Lin Yan

We also want to thank and remember the following women who contributed so much, not only to this book, but to the community of women with disabilities around the world. Sadly, they died before the book was published: Hellen Winifred Akot, Tanis Doe, Ana Malena Alvarado, Connie Panzarini, Nanette Tver, Barbara Waxman-Fiduccia, and Sandra Welner.

We also thank the following foundations and individuals for their generosity in financially supporting this project: Alexandra Fund; Chaim Tovim Tzedakah Fund of the Shefa Fund; Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation; Displaced Children and Orphans Fund/ Leahy War Victims Fund, U.S. Agency for International Development (under terms of JHPIEGO contract no. 06-TSC-022); Flora Family Foundation; Ford Foundation; Global Fund for Women; James R. Dougherty Jr. Foundation; Jennifer Kern; Kadoorie Charitable Foundation; Margaret Schink; Marguerite Craig; Marji Greenhut; May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust; Norwegian-Dutch Trust Fund for Gender Mainstreaming/World Bank; Swedish International Development Agency; and the West Foundation.