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Hesperian Foundation and the contributors to A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities do not assume liability for the use of information it contains. If you are not sure what to do about a problem, get advice and help from people with more experience or from local medical or health authorities.

This book provides basic information to help women with disabilities stay healthy, and will also help those who assist women with disabilities to provide good care. You can help us improve this health guide. So, if you are a woman with a disability, a caregiver, or anyone with ideas or suggestions about how to improve this book and the health of women with disabilities, please write to us. We would like to hear about your experiences and practices.

Copyright © 2007 by Hesperian Foundation. All rights reserved.
First edition: February 2007
Printed in the USA
ISBN: 978-0-942364-50-7 paper

Hesperian Foundation encourages others to copy, reproduce, or adapt to meet local needs any or all parts of this book, including the illustrations, provided that the parts reproduced are distributed free or at cost—not for profit. Any organization or person who wishes to copy, reproduce, or adapt any or all parts of this book for commercial purposes must obtain permission from Hesperian Foundation.

Before beginning any translation or adaptation of this book or its contents, please contact Hesperian Foundation for suggestions, for updates on the information it contains, and to avoid duplication of efforts. Please send Hesperian a copy of any materials in which text or illustrations from this book have been used.