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Art coordination: Jane Maxwell

Community review coordination: Jane Maxwell and Sarah Constantine

Project support: Soo Jung Choi, Michelle Funkhauser, Tawnia Queen, Heather Rickard, Karen Wu

Design and production: Jacob Goolkasian, Shu Ping Guan, Christine Sienkiewicz, Sarah Wallis

Cover design: Iñaki Fernández de Retana, Jacob Goolkasian, Sarah Wallis

Additional writing: Pam Fadem, Judith Rogers, Edith Friedman

Copy editing: Kathleen Vickery, Todd Jailer

Indexing: Victoria Baker

Proofreading: Sunah Cherwin

Medical review: Lynne Coen, Suzy Kim, Melissa Smith, Susan Sykes, Sandra Welner

Editorial management: Darlena David

Editorial oversight: Sarah Shannon

Production management: Todd Jailer

Artists: Namrata Bali, Sara Boore, Heidi Broner, May Florence Cadiente, Barbara Carter, Gil Corral, Regina Faul-Doyle, Sandy Frank, Shu Ping Guan, Jesse Hamm, Haris Ichwan, Anna Kallis, Delphine Kenze, Joyce Knezevitch, Sacha Maxwell, Naoko Miyamoto, Lori Nadaskay, Mabel Negrete, Gabriela Nuñez, Connie Panzarini, Kate Peatman, Petra Röhr- Rouendaal, Carolyn Shapiro, Ryan Sweere, Sarah Wallis, Lihua Wang, David Werner, Mary Ann Zapalac

Cover photo locations and photographers (left to right, counter-clockwise): Uganda, Jan Sing World Bank/Cambodia, Masaru Goto Mexico, Suzanne C. Levine India, Amy Sherts Bulgaria, Sean Sprague/SpraguePhoto.com World Bank/Uzbekistan, Anatoliy Rakhimbayev

Backcover Uganda, UMCOR-ACT International, Paul Jeffrey Bangladesh, Jean Sack/ICDDRB, Courtesy of Photoshare

Permissions: We thank the following organizations for permission to use their illustrations: Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (for a drawing on page 130); Pearl S. Buck International, Vietnam (for sign language drawings on pages 369-370); Sahaya International, USA (for sign language illustrations drawn from photographs in The Kenyan’s Deaf Peer Education Manual, on pages 369-370); and Jun Hui Yang for Chinese Sign Language illustrations on pages 369-370).