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Introductory Material

In this chapter:

Una madre ayuda a su hija a escribir en un cuaderno.

How to use this book

To find a topic you want to know about, use the list of Contents. The Contents, at the front of the book, lists the chapters in the order in which they appear.

To find out about the medicines used in this book, look in the Green Pages. The Green Pages include information about interactions some common medicines have with the medicines a woman may already be taking for her disability.

Es WWD Frontmatter 1-1.png

If you do not understand some of the words used in the book, you may find them in the List of Difficult Words. The first time these words appear in a chapter, they are printed in slanted letters (italics), like this. You can also look up a word in the index to see if it is explained in another part of the book. If you want more information than is in this book, see Other Resources About the pictures: This book is written for women with disabilities around the world, so the drawings show people from many places. We hope these drawings will remind you that women with disabilities all over the world face the same challenges as you.

In the illustrations, some speech bubbles are shaped like this:

Es WWD Frontmatter 1-3.PNG
You can get more vitamins from food.

The box that has a line pointing to the person’s hands shows she is using sign language. Many chapters include a section called Working for Change. These sections give suggestions for working to improve health care for women with disabilities in your community.

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