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Make a Safety Plan for Emergencies

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HealthWiki > A Community Guide to Environmental Health > Appendix A: Safety and Emergencies > Make a Safety Plan for Emergencies

Just as important as having protective equipment and a first aid kit is knowing what to do in case of an emergency or an accident. Every community and every workplace should make a safety plan in case of a toxic release, fire, flood, storm, or other emergency.

Post the address and phone number of the nearest medical clinic or hospital in central locations. Make sure everyone knows where first aid kits and other emergency supplies are located, and how to use them. A safety plan can also include:

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  • a plan for transporting injured and ill people to a clinic or hospital, and a vehicle that can be used in an emergency.
  • a central meeting place such as a community center, school, or church.
  • an emergency supply of clean drinking water.
  • a telephone or radio to call for help and to alert officials and media.
  • a list of elderly people, people with disabilities, or others in the community who may need help in case of an evacuation.

Different kinds of emergencies require different responses. Understanding the most likely threats to your community and learning to be prepared for them is an important part of any safety plan.