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Appendix A: Safety and Emergencies

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In this chapter:

5 men help place a man on a stretcher.

When working with or being exposed to dangerous substances in the workplace, the community, or the home, it is important to be as safe as possible and to be prepared for accidents. This section has information on the following topics:

  • make a safety plan for emergencies
  • a first aid kit
  • protective clothing and equipment
  • protective masks
  • chemical spills
  • treating harm caused by chemicals
  • treating burns
  • shock
  • rescue breathing (mouth-to-mouth breathing)

The material provided here will help you prepare for emergencies, but it is not a complete first aid manual. To be better prepared, seek training in first aid and in treating chemical accidents, get a first aid manual and understand its contents, and ask your community health workers to assist in developing a safety plan.

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