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A Guide to Which Activity to Use When

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HealthWiki > A Community Guide to Environmental Health > Chapter 2: Understanding and Mobilizing for Community Health > A Guide to Which Activity to Use When

A small group of people standing around a table work on a drawing together.

The activities in this book are good for exploring the particular environmental health issues of the chapters in which they are described. And they can also help you move forward while organizing in your community. They can:

Men and women watch a man use a soil testing kit.

A small group of people in a garden listen as a woman holding weeds speaks.

Some activities can be used together, such as making community maps during or after a health walk, or using a role play as part of a needs assessment activity. What is most important is that activities help people to gather information, share knowledge, and deepen understanding. This will support their organizing, empowerment, and work to solve the root causes of community health problems.