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HealthWiki > A Book for Midwives > Introductory Material > Credits

Project coordination:
Fiona Thomson
Design and production:
Sarah Wallis
Cover design: Sarah Wallis
Additional writing and editing: Darlena David, Zena Herman, Todd Jailer, Jane Maxwell, Susan McCallister, Sarah Shannon, Kathleen Vickery, Sarah Wallis
Art coordination: Fiona Thomson and Sarah Wallis
Additional production: Lora Santiago
Artists: Namrata Bali, Jennifer Barrios, Sara Boore, Heidi Broner,
May Florence Cadiente, Barbara Carter, Gil Corral, Elizabeth Cox,
Regina Faul-Doyle, Christine Eber,
Iñaki Fernández de Retana,
Sandy Frank, Deborah Green,
Susie Gunn, Jesse Hamm, Haris Ichwan, Anna Kallis, Delphine Kenze,
Susan Klein, Joyce Knezevich, Gina Lee, June Mehra, Naoko Miyamoto,
Jeanne Muller, Mabel Negrete,
Gabriela Núñez, Kate Peatman,
Sara Reilly- Baldeschwieler,
Diana Reiss-Koncar,
Petra Röhr-Rouendaal, Leilani Roosman, Lucy Sargeant, Mona Sfeir,
Akiko Aoyagi Shurtleff, Chengyu Song, Fiona Thomson,
Dovile Tomkute-Veleckiene,
Sarah Wallis, Lihua Wang, David Werner, Christine Wong, Allan Woong,
Mary Ann Zapalac
Field-testing and networking: Starr Amrit
Copy editing: Rachel Markowitz
Indexing: Ty Koontz
Proofreading: Sunah Cherwin
Medical review: Ellen Israel, Lisa Keller, Melissa Smith, Judith Standley
Editorial and production management: Susan McCallister
Cover photographs:

MW intro-1.png

  1. India by Starr Amrit
  2. Nepal by Curt Carnemark/World Bank
  3. Mexico by Rick Maiman/David and Lucile Packard Foundation, courtesy of Photoshare
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo by Gilberte Vansintejan
  5. Tunisia by Curt Carnemark/World Bank
  6. Burma (Myanmar) by Peter Williams/WCC
Back cover: Mexico by Rick Maiman/David and Lucile Packard Foundation, courtesy of Photoshare

Credits for the 2009 and 2013 editions: This updated, corrected printing relies heavily on the generously offered, wise counsel of midwives Ellen Israel, Ellen Lapowsky, Suellen Miller, Judith Standley, and Sarah Wallis; and Drs. Reuben Granich, Lisa Keller, Scott Oesterling, Linda Spangler, Amy Stenson, and Lorna Thornton. Editorial and design work by Shu Ping Guan, Todd Jailer, Jane Maxwell, Susan McCallister, Kathleen Tandy, Dorothy Tegeler and Fiona Thomson.

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