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Working for Change

To help others with infertility problems:
  • be kind and sympathetic. It is a difficult time, and they need support and understanding. Do not blame couples who cannot get pregnant.
  • teach couples to value and respect each other as companions.
  • help a couple who cannot have children to look for other ways to be with children or to make peace with their lives.
Health workers can also:
  • provide information on ways to adopt children.
a man showing other men a condom, in front of a sign that says 'Condoms help prevent STIs which can cause infertility'
There are many causes of infertility, but STIs are the easiest to prevent.
  • teach young people about STIs and how to prevent them.
  • make sure your local health center is prepared to diagnose and treat STIs and to take women’s complaints about pelvic pain seriously. Too often women are sent home without treatment after being told there is nothing wrong with them.
  • teach women the signs of pelvic infection and the importance of getting immediate and complete treatment.
  • teach men and women the signs of STIs, the importance of getting treated right away, and the importance of treating all partners.

This page was updated:17 Apr 2019