Hesperian Health Guides

Working for Change

Many unnecessary deaths from cancer could be prevented if more cancers were found and treated earlier. To help make this happen, organize women and men to promote:

  • better cancer screening in local health services and rural areas.
  • training for local health workers to do visual inspection for cancer of the cervix, Pap tests, and breast exams.
  • health worker training and equipment to do cryotherapy.
  • better education and more community awareness about how cancer can be prevented, who is at risk, what the warning signs are, and the benefits of cancer screening.
  • cheap HPV tests, and lower cost care for women who have cancer.

It is also important for women to:

  • learn to do breast self-examinations.
  • know the signs of cancer, especially cancer of the womb,breast, and cervix.

When people in the community know more about the things that are likely to cause cancer, they may be better able to avoid them. This could prevent many cancers from starting. Help people in your community learn that they can prevent many unnecessary deaths from cancer if they avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, and if women are able to protect themselves from STIs.

This page was updated:17 Apr 2019