Hesperian Health Guides

How to Feel Better

To cure yourself of an STI, you must take the medicine described in this chapter. To get relief from the discomfort of an STI:

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  1. If you have sores or itching of the genitals, sit in a pan of clean, warm water for 15 minutes, 2 times a day. Do this until you feel better. If you have a yeast infection, you can add lemon juice, vinegar, yogurt (without sugar), or sour (fermented) milk to the pan of warm water.

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  3. Do not have sex again until you feel better.

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  5. Try to wear underclothes made of cotton. This lets air in around your genitals which will help you heal.

  6. Wash your underclothes once a day and dry them in the sun. This kills the germs that cause infection.

  7. Take a mild pain medicine.

  8. If you have genital ulcers and it is painful to pass urine, pour clean water over your genital area while you urinate. Or sit in a pan of cool water while you urinate.