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Project coordinator: Jane Maxwell
Art coordination:
Deborah Wolf and August Burns
Design and production:
Elena Metcalf and Jane Maxwell
Book format: Laughing Bear Associates,
Montpelier, Vermont
Cover design: Sara Boore
Cover scans and layout:
Paul Marcus and Shareen Harris
Field testing coordination:
Katharine Shapiro, Deborah Wolf,
August Burns, and Elsa Aegerter
Medical editor: Melissa Smith
Additional writing:
Susan McCallister, Elena Metcalf,
Sandy Niemann, and Sarah Shannon
Additional research: Ronnie Lovich
Additional medicines research:
Todd Jailer and Brian Linde
Additional production: Lora Santiago,
Christine Sienkiewicz
Copyeditor: John Kadyk
Proofreaders: Marc Polonsky, Lorraine
Mann, and Rose Hauer
Index: Ty Koontz
Production manager: Susan McCallister


The artists deserve special mention. The skill and sensitivity with which they have so gracefully illustrated this book give it a quality that we hope will allow women all over the world to feel connected with each other.

The artists are:

Namrata Bali (India)
Silvia Barandier (Brazil)
Jennifer Barrios (USA)
Sara Boore (USA)
Mariah Boyd-Boffa (USA)
Heidi Broner (USA)
May Florence Cadiente (Philippines)
Barbara Carter (USA)
Yuni Cho (Korea)
Elizabeth Cox (Papua New Guinea)
Christine Eber (USA)
Regina Doyle (USA)
Sandy Frank (USA)
Lianne Friesen (Canada)
Jane Wambui Gikera (Kenya)
Shu Ping Guan (China)
Susie Gunn (Guatemala)
May Haddad (Lebanon)
Janie Hampton (UK)
Anna Kallis (Cyprus)
Ceylan Karasapan-Crow (USA)
Delphine Kenze (Central African Republic)
Susan Klein (USA)
Joyce Knezevich (USA)
Gina Lee (USA)
Bekah Mandell (USA)
June Mehra (UK)
Naoko Miyamoto (Japan)
Gabriela Núñez (Peru)
Sarah Odingo (Kenya)
Rose Okong’o Olendi (Kenya)
Rosa Oviedo (Nicaragua)
Kate Peatman (USA)
Sara Reilly-Baldeschwieler (UK)
Diana Reiss-Koncar (USA)
Petra Röhr-Rouendaal (Germany)
Leilani Roosman (UK)
Lucy Sargeant (USA)
Felicity Savage King (UK)
Carolyn Shapiro (USA)
Akiko Aoyagi Shurtleff (Japan)
Pat Siddiq (Afghanistan)
Nisa Smiley (USA)
Fatima Jubran Stengel (Palestine)
Suma (India)
Dovile TomkuteVeleckiene (Lithuania)
Andrea Triguba (USA)
Anila Vadgama (India)
Leah Lihua Wang (China)
Liliana Wilson (USA)
Fawzi Yaqub (Turkey)

Cover Photographs

1. Mauritania by Lauren Goodsmith
2. India by Renée Burgard
3. China by Guo Hui Fen
4. Uzbekistan by Gilberte Vansintejan
5. Papua New Guinea by Elizabeth Cox
6. Morocco by Lauren Goodsmith
7. Democratic Republic of Congo by Gilberte Vansintejan
8. Mexico by Suzanne C. Levine

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