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This book was written to help women care for their own health, and to help community health workers or others meet women’s health needs. We have tried to include information that will be useful for those with no formal training in health care skills, and for those who do have some training.

Although this book covers a wide range of women’s health problems, it does not cover many problems that commonly affect both women and men, such as malaria, parasites, intestinal problems, and other diseases. For information on these kinds of problems, see Where There Is No Doctor or another general medical book.

Sometimes the information in this book will not be enough to enable you to solve a health problem. When this happens, get more help.

Depending on the problem, we may suggest that you: If you need to get help

If you need to get help immediately, this picture will also appear.


  • see a health worker. This means that a trained health immediately, this picture worker should be able to help you solve the problem.
  • get medical help. This means you need to go to a clinic that has trained medical people or a doctor, or a laboratory where basic tests are done.
  • go to a hospital. This means you need to see a doctor at a hospital that is equipped for emergencies, for surgery, or for special tests.

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