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About this Book

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How to Use This Book

When using this book, try to read Chapters 1 through 4 first. These chapters have important background information on how to help your child learn. Then turn to Chapters 5 through 8, and Chapters 10 and 11, to find examples of activities to help your child learn new skills.

The remainder of this book contains information to help caregivers support one another, to help parents learn from one another and work together, and to increase your knowledge of blindness and vision problems.

About the Pictures

Since this book was written for people around the world who care for children with vision problems, the drawings show people from many cultures. We hope these drawings will remind you that people all over the world face the same challenges you do.

A Note About the Language We Use in This Book

Most books about children who are blind talk about the children as if they are all boys and use the word “he” to refer to any child. This happens because society holds men to be more important than women and that belief is built into our language.

HCWB FM 4.png

In fact, girls are not only left out of our language, they often receive less attention and care as well. This can include getting less food and getting less health care — both of which contribute to blindness.

In a small way, we have tried to reflect a more equal world by using both “he” and “she” to refer to children. Because “he-or-she” is awkward, we use “he” in some chapters and “she” in others.

Remember, all children need and deserve our love and support.

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