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Chapter 28: Alcohol and Other Drugs

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a group of young people drinking and smoking cigarettes

Many people do not realize that alcohol and tobacco are harmful drugs.

Many kinds of drugs are used in everyday life. In some places, drugs or brewed drinks have a sacred role in traditions. In other places, alcoholic drinks like wine or beer are commonly served with meals. Drugs and alcohol are often part of festive or social events. And some drugs are used as medicines. Some drugs that are often used in harmful ways are:

  • alcohol:
    drinks such
    as brew,
    beer, spirits,
    liquor, wine.
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-2.png
  • cocaine,
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-3.png
  • betel,
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-5.png
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-4.png
  • marijuana
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-6.png
  • pills that help a
    person lose weight
    or stay awake.

  • medicines, especially those for severe pain, or that help a person sleep or relax.
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-7.png
  • glue,
    fuels, and
WWHND10 Ch28 Page 435-8.png

In this chapter we talk about the health problems these drugs can cause, their effects upon women, and ways to stop using drugs, especially alcohol and tobacco, the most commonly misused drugs in many communities.

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