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Four adults, a child and a baby enjoying a meal together
Food nourishes our bodies as well as our relationships. Food keeps our families and friends together, and our traditions alive.
A group of women sitting at a table talking over food and drinks
A boy helping a baby to eat from a bowl

Eating enough food and enough variety of nutritious food is essential to good health. Food gives our bodies energy and helps us learn and think well. Food protects us from infections and other health problems, allows our muscles and the organs inside our bodies to work properly, and makes our skin, hair and teeth beautiful and strong.

But not all foods make us healthier. The factory-made foods that many of us now depend on contain too much salt, fat, and sugar. These overly-processed foods can cause or increase health problems like heart attacks and diabetes.

Staying healthy depends on eating enough food and a variety of good foods.

This page was updated:06 Feb 2019