Hesperian Health Guides

Working together for change

Parents' groups work on many kinds of projects. They may try to improve the economic conditions of families, the attitudes of communities, or the government's laws and services for deaf children — all as a way to help their children. To get more resources for their children, a parents group can:

  • find ways to get funding for new projects to help deaf children.
  • help parents develop new job skills.
  • offer workshops on ways to teach and help their children.
  • share information about hearing aids.
  • organize sign language classes.
4 women using sewing machines.
These mothers learned how to sew clothing so they could earn more money, work closer to home, and spend more time with their children.
  • bring hearing and deaf people together.

Many parents' groups work to educate the rest of the community about deafness. They often work together with people who are deaf. The groups use workshops, radio programs, newsletters, billboards, street theater, and posters to help others understand more about deafness.

A group of people with signs that say "More Services for Deaf Children," "More Schools for our Children," and "More Laws to Protect our Children."

Some parents' groups work to improve government programs and laws for children who are deaf. They contact people in the government, like the ministers of health and education. They tell them about services their community needs, or about laws needed to protect children who are deaf or have hearing problems. They write letters, pass around petitions, or organize protests if government officials do not improve conditions for their children.