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Managing the stress of caregiving

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Deaf > Chapter 14: Support for parents and caregivers > Managing the stress of caregiving

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caring for deaf child
caring for the sick
getting water, fuel, and food
teaching a deaf child
meeting husband's needs
too little money

Being a parent of any child is hard work. And if your child cannot hear well or is deaf, then there is even more work. For example, families must teach deaf children things that other children learn on their own, from hearing people talk.

It can be difficult to find time and energy for this extra work. This page and the next one have some suggestions from families about different ways that have helped them manage this stress.

Caring for caregivers

A woman resting under a tree.

Parents and other caregivers will be able to look after children better if they also have some time to relax. Simple things — like going to the market, visiting friends or relatives, talking with friends, having a massage, or being part of a community group — can all be helpful. Remember, you can help your children more when you feel well.

A woman rubbing the shoulders of another woman.
Remember to care for each other. Being a parent is hard work.

Sometimes it is helpful for a group of parents to get together to talk with each other about any difficulties they may be having. If some have difficulty saying things to others in a group, perhaps they can make up songs, poems, or stories about their situation. Drawing and painting pictures can also help some people express their thoughts and feelings without using words.

A group of women sit together and talk to each other.
Since the new baby was born, it is so hard for me to make time for Carla!
I know just how you feel. I hardly found time even to sleep until Mario was a year old!
You can send the older kids to play at my house any afternoon, Eva.

Many communities have beliefs and traditions that help calm the body and mind, as well as build inner strength. Practicing these traditions may help you take better care of yourself.

prayer meditation
3 women praying.
A man meditating.
A man and women exercising.
exercise or
martial arts