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Using your experience to help others

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 17: As Your Child Gets Older > Using your experience to help others

a woman standing with a boy as she speaks to a man holding a small child.
I remember when Juan was Peyo’s age. Here’s how I helped him learn to walk...

As he grows up, both you and your child will learn a lot about the different ways children who are blind can learn to do things. Sharing your experience with parents who have babies who are blind or cannot see well will be a great help to them.

a blind man speaking to a child.
Yes, Patia, I felt the same way when I was your age.
Your grown child may also decide to use his experience to help children who are blind or who cannot see well. It is very good for little children who are blind to spend time with adults who are also blind or cannot see well.

You may be able to work with other people to organize for better support and better services for parents of blind children. Most important, you can work to change the conditions of poverty so there will be less blindness in the future.

a group performing a play in front of a sign that reads, "Children with disabilities are children first."
HCWB Ch17 Page 175-2.png

Your grown son or daughter may choose to work with other people to improve school programs and work opportunities for blind children and adults.