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Continuing to solve problems

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 17: As Your Child Gets Older > Continuing to solve problems

As your child grows older, he will find new challenges to overcome. It is important to remember that:

You and your child are the experts when it comes to what works for him. You understand his abilities and his personality. You and he have worked out ways to do things.

a child and a woman speaking as they sort beans together.
I think I can tell which beans aren’t good. They feel softer. Let me try and you tell me if I’m right.
OK. Put the bad beans on the cloth and the good beans in the basket. I’ll check on how you’re doing.
a boy thinking as he washes dishes in a river.
If I wash one pan at a time and put the clean pans on my left side, I won’t have to worry that the pans will float away. I’ll also know which pans have been washed.

Now that your child is older, he can solve some problems by himself. He can think of his own ways to do things.

a blind man speaking to a boy while showing him paper money.
I fold money differently depending how much it is worth. That way I can tell by touch what the value of each one is.

Other people who cannot see well have figured out lots of special ways of doing things. Your child can learn many helpful things from other people who cannot see well.