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Helping your child with his feelings

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 17: As Your Child Gets Older > Helping your child with his feelings

Many blind children feel upset, frustrated or sad when they notice they are blind and cannot do all the things other children can do. If you are part of a parents group, other parents may be able to tell you how they answer their children's questions. It may help you to talk about it ahead of time so you can be ready for your child's questions.

men and women speaking in a group.
I don’t know what to say — Caleb is so upset now that he knows otherchildren can see.
I remember when Moses was so angry. The other children were teasing him because he couldn’t ride a bicycle. I told him how many things he could do — and to not pay attention to the children.
One time I reminded Noah how strong and healthy he is. Other children have problems too — his friend Akom is often ill.
I think whatever you decide to say, if you speak from your heart, he will be comforted.
a man speaking to a child.
When you were a little baby, Carlos, you got very sick, and since then you haven’t been able to see well.

A blind child may express his feelings by insisting that he wants to see, or by insisting that he will be able to see when he gets bigger. He may ask you why he is blind.

a man speaking to a child.
Essien, I am very proud of all the things you can do. And I love you very much, just the way you are.

Your child may become really angry and he may show his anger by his behavior and the way he acts with his family.

As you answer your child's questions, reassure him and praise him for all the things he can do. If he knows he is cared for and his feelings are understood, it will be easier for him to accept his blindness.

a woman speaking to a child.
I know you’re feeling sad because you’d like to see the fruit that Kado can see.
When your child talks about these feelings, tell him you understand that he is upset. Let him know that you care about the way he feels.