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Field Test Sites

This book was developed in collaboration with grassroots organizations and parents groups around the world. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of those involved in the field-testing process:

  • Arthur Blaxall School, South Africa
  • Association of Early Intervention, Czech Republic
  • Belize Council for the Visually Impaired, Belize
  • Blind Babies Foundation, USA
  • Blind People’s Association, India
  • Community Disability Program, Institute of Child Health, UK
  • Development Partners, Bangladesh
  • Hilton/Perkins Program, Thailand
  • Jamaica Society for the Blind, Jamaica
  • KAMPI (National Federation of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities), Philippines
  • Institute for the Blind, South Africa
  • Laramara, Brazil
  • National Association of the Blind, India
  • Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind, Nepal
  • St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association, St. Lucia
  • Sight Savers International, Kenya
  • Special Education Organization, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Uganda National Institute of Special Education, Uganda
  • Uganda Society for Disabled Children, Uganda
  • Wa School for the Blind, Ghana

Advisors and reviewers

This book was written with the guidance of many people around the world. We wish to express our thanks to the many advisors and reviewers who shared their knowledge and expertise:

  • Tayyab Afghani, Al-Shifa Trust Hospital, Pakistan
  • Nancy Akeson
  • Carolina Arnold, Save the Children, Nepal
  • Pam Bondy
  • Jonathan Brakarsh
  • Freda Briggs
  • Ellen vor der Bruegge
  • Joan Carey, Save the Children, UK
  • Mike Collins, Hilton/Perkins Program, USA
  • Tara Dikeman
  • Birgit Dyssegaard, DANIDA
  • Marvin Efron
  • Roxanna Pastor Fasquelle
  • Suzanne Gilbert, SEVA
  • Teresa Glass
  • Srila Kshmi Guruja
  • Gulbadan Habibi, UNICEF
  • Tessa Hamblin
  • Marci Hanson, San Francisco State University
  • Sally Hartley Ralf Hotchkiss
  • Khairul Islam, Plan International
  • Penny May Kaman
  • Amanda Luek
  • David Morley
  • Dan Perlman
  • Julie Bernas Pierce, Blind Babies Foundation, USA
  • Sherry Raynor, Blind Children’s Fund, USA
  • Sandra Rosen
  • Lesley Sternin and A.E. Tong-Summerford, Parental Stress Services
  • Aminuzzaman Talukder, Helen Keller International, Bangladesh
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Marigold Thorburn
  • Sheila Wirz, Centre for International Child Health, UK
  • Irene Yen

Medical reviewers

  • Davida Coady
  • Gustavo González
  • Lesli Handmacher
  • Brian Linde
  • John Pratt-Johnson

We would like to thank the participants in the South Asian translators meeting (New Delhi, August, 2000), for their comments on “Chapter 12: Preventing Sexual Abuse.” Thanks also to the Voluntary Health Association of India for permission to adapt the story on page 117 from their book, Child Abuse: A Growing Concern (1993).