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The Hesperian Foundation is especially grateful to the committed health staff of Plan International. They have been important collaborators, sharing their understanding of the needs of parents and health promoters working with children. Plan International staff in Bangladesh reviewed and field-tested early versions of this book, improving it immeasurably. In addition, Plan’s US member, Childreach, is generously helping fund the development of this series.

Project coordinator: Doreen Greenstein

Art coordination: Sandy Niemann

Design and production: Christine Sienkiewicz, Lora Santiago

Cover design: Christine Sienkiewicz

Additional writing: Doreen Greenstein, Sarah Shannon, Todd Jailer, Susan McCallister, Aryn Faur

Research assistance: Kinkini Banerjee, Felicia Lester, Amina LaCour Mini, Rebecca Ratcliff, Nicolle Perez, Shana Nelson, Karen Cook

Production management: Susan McCallister

Field-testing and networking: Estelle Schneider, Denise Bergez, Rebecca Ratcliff, Sofia Betancourt

Additional illustrations: Christine Sienkiewicz, Lora Santiago, Petra Röhr-Rouendaal

Additional production: Sofia Betancourt, Nicolle Perez

Copy editing: Jane Maxwell

Proofreading: Lorraine Mann

Editorial oversight: Todd Jailer

A special thanks to all the funders of this book and the Early Assistance Series:

Childreach, the US member of Plan International
DANIDA - Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Frank Edwards
Morgan Hill Lions Club
The Presiding Bishop’s Fund for World Relief (Episcopal Church)
Scales of Justice Lions Club
May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability

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