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Keeping clean

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 8: Teaching Everyday Activities > Keeping clean

A blind child needs to learn to wash her hands, take a bath, brush her teeth, and comb her hair, just as all children do.

To teach your child how to keep clean

Help her learn about keeping clean and why it is important. For example, as you wash and dry your hands, describe what you are doing and the parts of the body you use. Let her feel your movements, the water, and the towel.

a man speaking as he and a child wash their hands.
I’m washing my hands to clean off the dirt.
I don’t want to get dirt on my food.
a woman speaking as a girl washes her hands.
Rub your hands together, Ramona, to get the dirt off. After you use the soap, rinse your hands with water.

Help your child do the activity herself. Work from behind and help her by putting your hands over hers. Use the same words and the same motions each time you help her. Give less and less help as she learns to do it by herself.

a boy speaking to a younger child as they brush their teeth.
Sika, if you brush your teeth after you eat and before you go to bed each day, your teeth willstay healthy.

Do these activities at about the same time each day. This will help your child remember to do it.

a child thinking as she hangs up a towel.
If I put the towel back here, I can find it again next time.

Keep the things your child needs in the same place, and teach her to return them to this place when he is done. Make a special mark on things that only she uses, like a toothbrush.