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Chapter 8: Teaching Everyday Activities

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 8: Teaching Everyday Activities

Your child is young now, but someday he will be an adult. A child who is blind or cannot see well can grow up to be a capable, contributing member of your family and community. Like other children, he must learn how to:

  • take care of himself
  • help with the family’s work
  • be independent
  • be well-behaved

Taking care of himself

Daily living skills include eating, dressing, using the toilet, and keeping clean. A child who cannot see well needs to learn all these skills so that he can take care of himself. As he grows up, if he can take care of himself it will be much easier for him to go to school and earn a living.

a group of men and women sitting together, 4 of them speaking.
It’s so much easier for me to feed and dress Ayoka. It’s going to take such a long time to teach her those things. I don’t have time.
Yes, I know it seems hard now, but think of the time you’ll save later. If Ayoka can dress herself, you’ll have more time to do all the other things you have to do every morning.
My mother, Fola, is almost blind. Maybe she can tell you some things that would make it easier.
And think of how proud you’ll be when Ayoka can dress herself. You don’t want to be dressing her still when she is a big girl.