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Helping with your family's work

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 8: Teaching Everyday Activities > Helping with your family’s work

While he will need some help at first, a child who is blind or cannot see well can learn to help with the family’s work, just as all children can. Give him small tasks at first, so he can feel successful. Then, as he develops more skills, give him more difficult tasks. This makes less work for you and shows your child he is an important part of the family. This will build his confidence and give him hope for the future.

HCWB Ch8 Page 72-1.png
A young child can begin to learn about farming by planting seeds and caring for the growing plants.
HCWB Ch8 Page 72-2.png
Later, the child can go with his father or mother to the fields and help with the planting. His feet can follow the rows made by the plough.

Help her understand the whole process of a task. For example: explain about a meal — where food comes from, how it is prepared, where dishes are kept, and how they are cleaned after a meal.

a man speaking to a child as they stand in a kitchen.
Carmencita, I’ll teach you to wash the dishes we just used.