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Project coordinator: Susan McCallister

Editorial oversight and production management: Todd Jailer

Art coordination: Julia Nakad, Lily Walkover

Additional writing and editing: Zena Herman, Anna Martin, Julia Nakad, Sarah Shannon, Dorothy Tegeler

Design and production: Jacob Goolkasian, Rosemary Jason

Field-testing and review coordination: Julia Nakad, Lily Walkover

Cover design: Jacob Goolkasian, Rosemary Jason

Proofreading: Sunah Cherwin

Medical review: Ann Petru, Teresa Courville

Cover photograph: Joop Rubens for Firelight Foundation

All Hesperian staff and board are involved in the development of our materials. Special recognition is due to:

Kokaale Amissah-Aidoo, John Bergez, Meagan Dimitz, Edith Friedman, Anna Giske, Rachel Grinstein, Bill Lankford, Miriam Lara-Mejia, Jane Maxwell, Linda Spangler, Kathleen Tandy, Felix Thomson, Kathleen Vickery, Ellen Vor der Brugge, Susan Weissert, Paula Worby, and Robin Young

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