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Words to the Family of a Deaf Child

Deaf children can grow up to be loving and helpful sons and daughters, like other children. Try to let your child grow up. Give him the same rights and responsibilities as other children his age.

If there is a chance for your child to go away to a school for the deaf, if it seems right, try to let him go. Deaf children learn in different ways than other children. The special school may provide more opportunities. However, if your child is doing well at the village school, has a teacher who understands and helps him, and has many friends, he might do better there. Help him understand the choices and see what he thinks would be best. Be sure he knows he has a loving family to come home to.

After they finish school, deaf children can do many different kinds of work. Deaf people have become accountants, teachers, lawyers, farmers, health workers, clerks, skilled craftsworkers, and doctors. It is worth the effort to see that deaf children and adults get training and find work.

Be careful that after he has grown up, you do not treat him as a child. He might seem younger than his age. But the best way to help him grow up is to expect him to grow up.

When deaf children grow old enough to marry, they often choose to marry someone else who is deaf, for they can understand each other better. They can have children, and raise them well. Usually a deaf mother and father have children with good hearing.

It is difficult to be deaf. You can help persons who are deaf by letting them communicate in ways they find easy, and by trying to learn to communicate with them yourself.

This page was updated:21 Nov 2019