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Strengthening Exercise for the Muscles on the Side of the Hip

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HealthWiki > Disabled Village Children > Chapter 42: Range-of-Motion and Other Exercises > Strengthening Exercise for the Muscles on the Side of the Hip


boy walking to one side with arrow pointed to his hip
weakness here causes the child to bend to one side when he walks

Lie on your side and raise your leg as high as you can.
gril lying sideways raising her leg up
Keep your leg up until you get so tired that it falls by itself.
girl lying sidways raising her leg up with help
If the child cannot raise his leg by himself, help him a little, but be sure that he uses as much strength as he can.
Or have the child lie on his back and move his leg to the side. You can hang the leg like this so that he can move it more easily.
boy lying down while leg is hanged
As he gets stronger, move the rope more to the other side to make him work harder.
child raising leg sideways while held by adult
boy lifting his leg up to ring bell tied above his leg
If the child can raise her leg easily, add weight with your hand, or with a little bag of sand. Think of ways to make the exercises fun.

Repeat 3 times. Do this 3 times a day.

This page was updated:19 Jan 2018