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Live an active life

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HealthWiki > A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities > Chapter 13: Growing older with a disability > Live an active life

an older woman pushing another in a wheelchair.

Try to live your life as actively as you can. With assistance, either from a person or with an aid, you can take a more active part in your family and community and do more things you enjoy. Move around the community and keep yourself mentally and physically active.

You can help to keep your mind active by reading or by playing games with other people. Card games, games with stones (Mancala), games with words (Scrabble), chess, or other games popular in your community give you an opportunity to enjoy yourself and to talk and be with other people. Help young people learn to read, understand the history of their community, or with their school work.

You have a lifetime of wisdom and experience. Working together with families, caregivers, and other elders in the community, older women with disabilities can be very powerful.

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Time to learn new things

Imelda from the Pallisa district in Uganda is 67 years old. Recently she joined a universal primary education program and went back to school. Now she can write and speak English. The students at school like her and call her Grandmum.