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Chapter 13: Growing older with a disability

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HealthWiki > A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities > Chapter 13: Growing older with a disability

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Growing older can be a time when you gain more respect in your family and community. However, it can also be a time when you become more vulnerable to poverty, mistreatment, and health problems. Whether or not you have a disability, you will experience many changes as you grow older.

As your body ages, you will probably have to change the way you do many things. Some activities will have to stop because you can no longer do them. You may develop health problems or disabilities you did not have when you were younger. Some women may start using a cane or wheelchair to get around because they do not walk as well any more. Some may start to need glasses or use a hearing aid.

Whether you were disabled as a child or became disabled later in life, this chapter has information on how some disabilities can develop or change and how you can care for your health as you age.