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Working for change

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HealthWiki > A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities > Chapter 13: Growing older with a disability > Working for change

Even though your disability may get worse as you grow older, find activities you can do to continue to be an active participant in your community. With your wealth of experience, you can do many things to improve conditions for women with disabilities.

What older disabled women can do:
  • Many governments provide monthly income (pensions), housing, and health care for older persons with disabilities. If our government does not, we can work with other women with disabilities, and with our mothers, sisters, daughters, and neighbors to change these laws. This kind of change takes time.
an older woman speaking.
By working together we can meet with leaders in our community to request services for older disabled women, such as less costly housing.
an older woman speaking.
We can talk with health workers about the health needs of
older women with disabilities, and about how to make health centers accessible.
  • We can form groups of disabled women who live together to lower living expenses and to help each other. A blind woman, for instance, can be the ears for a deaf woman, and a deaf woman the eyes for a blind woman.
  • We have rich life experiences, and we can share this information with young disabled women and girls. We can probably help them with problems they are having because we had the same problems when we were younger.
an older woman in a wheelchair talking with a group of young disabled women.