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How to help stop STIs in your community

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HealthWiki > A Book for Midwives > Chapter 18: Sexually transmitted infections > How to help stop STIs in your community

Here are some ideas to help prevent the spread of STIs in your community:

  • Talk to the women you care for about STIs. Some women may feel embarrassed to talk about them, but knowing more may save their lives.
  • During prenatal checkups, ask women about unusual discharge
    or sores on the genitals, or offer to examine them for signs
    of STIs.
  • Organize a group to talk about health topics, including STIs
    and HIV.
  • Support education about sex in your local school. Help parents understand that teaching about STIs, including HIV, helps young people make safer choices later on when they start having sex.
2 women speaking while sitting with 2 other women.
I want my daughters to be safe — but I don’t know what to say. My mother never talked to me about this.
I know what you mean. Can we think of ways to explain this to them?
  • Talk to men and help them understand the risks of STIs, including the risks to pregnant women and their babies.
  • Find out from your local medical center, hospital, or Ministry of Health what STIs are the most common in your community.
  • Find out what medicines to treat STIs work best in your area — and find out what they cost. Learn how to treat STIs, or help women find treatment.
  • Start a community pharmacy so that it will be easier for people to get medicines and condoms.

This page was updated:11 Sep 2019