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Share the work of buying and cooking food

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HealthWiki > Workers' Guide to Health and Safety > Chapter 28: Eating well for health > Share the work of buying and cooking food

Co-workers or several families can often save money by buying food in larger amounts to share. Buying more food in one trip can save money on transportation. When people take turns doing the shopping, each person saves time and money.

When all the adults in a household work for pay, it is not fair for some — usually the women — to do all the cooking and cleaning. When the work of planning and preparing meals is equally shared, it is easier for everyone to eat healthier, get more rest, and feel less stress. Even if you eat together only one night a week, it can be a good break. It is also an excellent way to talk about common concerns in a relaxed situation. Plan ahead and decide:

  • how much each person or family will spend on food.
  • how and when to collect the money to buy food.
  • how to prepare the menus ahead of time.
  • how to assign each person or family’s task for each meal.
  • how to take turns shopping, preparing the food, cooking, and cleaning up.
  • how to help everyone learn to cook tasty, nutritious meals.
a man speaking to 3 others as they prepare and serve food in a kitchen.
When we cook together, we save money on food and fuel and we get to talk about what is on our minds.