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Why Do Some Women Have Abortions?

Deciding to have an abortion is always hard. Some religions teach that abortion is wrong and in many countries abortion is not legal or safe. But there are many reasons a woman may try to have an abortion anyway. Here are some examples:

  • She already has all the children she can care for.
  • A pregnancy is a danger to her health or her life.
  • She has no partner to help support the child.
  • She wants to finish school.
  • She does not want to have children.
  • She got pregnant after being forced to have sex.
  • Someone is forcing her to have an abortion.
  • The child will be born with serious problems (birth defects).
  • She has HIV or AIDS.

Emergency Family Planning Methods

A woman who has had unprotected sex within the last 5 days may be able to prevent pregnancy if she acts quickly. See Emergency Family Planning Methods.

This page was updated:20 Feb 2020