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Family Planning after an Abortion

After an abortion it is possible to get pregnant again right away , so talk with someone about family planning and start using one of these methods as soon as possible. Also, use a condom for 10 days. Many methods of family planning take time to start working.

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  • The Pill: You can start taking pills on the same day as the abortion. Do not wait more than one week.
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  • Intra-Uterine Device (IUD):
    If there is no risk of infection, a trained health worker can put in an IUD right after the abortion.

A woman who has just had an abortion most likely did not want to become pregnant. This is a good time to offer her information about family planning methods and how to get them.

  • Injections: The first injection should be given on the day of the abortion, or up to one week after.
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  • Implants: Implants can be put in just before or just after the abortion, or up to one week later.
  • Female sterilization: If your pregnancy was less than 3 months, you can be sterilized during the abortion or right after it. It is very important that you make this decision carefully. Sterilization is permanent.
  • Male sterilization: Sterilization for a man can be done any time and is permanent. This decision must be made carefully.
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  • Condoms: You and your partner can use condoms as soon as you have sex again. Condoms also protect against STIs, including HIV.
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  • Spermicide: You can use spermicide as soon as you have sex again. Do not use spermicide if you have HIV, or if you have many sex partners.
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  • Diaphragm: If there was no infection or injury, you can be fitted with a diaphragm after the abortion.

For more information on all these methods, see the chapter on “Family Planning.”

  • Natural methods (mucus and counting days): These methods do not work until your normal monthly bleeding returns.
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