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Project coordinator: Darlena David

Art coordination: Sarah Wallis, Nicole Perez, Devorah Greenstein

Design and production: Sarah Wallis

Cover design: Sarah Wallis

Additional writing: Todd Jailer, Susan McCallister, Nicole Perez, Tawnia Queen, Sarah Shannon, Sarah Wallis

Research assistance: Amina La Cour Mini, Nicole Perez, Tawnia Queen, Rebecca Ratcliff, Amy Wilson

Production management: Susan McCallister, Sarah Wallis

Field-testing and networking: Amina La Cour Mini, Nicole Perez, Tawnia Queen, Rebecca Ratcliff, Kathryn Young

Additional illustrations: Sara Boore, Barbara Carter, Joy Conway, Christine Eber, Regina Doyle, Sandy Frank, Anna Kallis, Susan Klein, Joyce Knezevich, Gabriella Nuñez, Kate Peatman, Nicole Perez, Petra Röhr-Rouendaal, Mona Sfeir, C. Sienkiewicz, Sarah Wallis, Lihua Wang, David Werner

Copy editing: Todd Jailer, Jane Maxwell

Proofreading: Leona Benten

Editorial oversight: Sarah Shannon, Todd Jailer

Update for 2014: Kathleen Vickery

And all the other staff and volunteers at Hesperian whose efforts made this book possible.