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School is important for all children

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 14: Getting Ready for Child-care and School > School is important for all children

Because blind children often do not have the same opportunities as children who can see, school is very important for a blind child's future. Blind children can go to school and learn a lot, including skills they will need to earn a living.

In some places, children who are blind can go to special schools for the blind. Some local schools may have special programs for children who are blind. With some extra help, blind children can do well in classes with children who can see.

4 adults speaking in a group of men and women.
Pama will be
old enough to go to school next year, but I don’t know what school will be best for her.
My nephew is blind and he
goes to a boarding school for blind children. Next time my sister visits me, you must come and ask questions about the school.
But that school is far away. Maybe Pama can go to our neighborhood school. Do you think the school teacher would allow it?
She would have to.
Pama has a right to go to school like any other child.