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Preparing to read and write

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 14: Getting Ready for Child-care and School > Preparing to read and write

If your child can see a little, try to find out if anything would help your child be able to see letters. If your child can see the letters of the alphabet, he may be able to read by:

HCWB Ch14 Page 138-2.png
HCWB Ch14 Page 138-3.png
HCWB Ch14 Page 138-4.png
wearing glasses using a magnifying
glass (a piece of
glass that makes
small letters
look bigger)
reading large-print
books in which the
letters are bigger
so they can be
seen more easily

If your child has trouble keeping up with the reading at school, you can:

  • ask someone to read books and lessons aloud to him.
  • ask someone to read his books into a tape recorder, so he can listen to the books later.
  • consider teaching him Braille. This may be the best choice if your child's eyesight is likely to get worse.