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How community members can help

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 13: Becoming Part of the Community > How community members can help

Community members can learn that a child who cannot see well is just as active as other children. But she also needs special help getting to know people and finding her way about. People may feel uncomfortable with your child until you explain how to act.

To help community members interact
with your child

a woman and a boy speaking to a child walking with a stick.
Marta, it's Maria and Rafael. How nice to see you.
Where are you going, Marta?

Encourage them to speak to your
child whenever they see her. Ask them to introduce themselves and to call your child by name, so she knows they are talking to her. Explain that they should speak directly to her, rather than asking other people about her.

a blind child speaking to a man, who replies.
Which way is the market?
Go straight ahead until the path gets rocky. Then take a quarter turn to the left.

Encourage people to help your child find what she is looking for. Community members can learn to give directions that will help her find things on her own.

a blind child speaking to a woman, who replies.
What's that smell?
I’m frying cakes, Suma. They’re in a pan next to you. Can you hear them cooking?

Encourage people to answer your child's questions and to explain things to her. As members of the community get to know your child, they will begin to realize that she can do more than they would ever have thought possible!